Hi. I’m Nick.

I’m a freelance audio engineer and composer with an obsession for creating rich and immersive experiences in the music and podcasting domains. Since moving to New York City in 2010, I’ve been lucky enough to operate within the city’s robust DIY music community, both as an engineer at venues like Shea Stadium and as a touring musician in For Everest, Hard Pass, and way too many other bands.

After spending nearly a decade engineering and working within music, I’ve developed an innate sense for understanding an artist’s goals with the production. Whenever I’m collaborating with an artist, I’m deeply conscious of the trust that they’re placing in me to handle a work of art where they’re putting themselves far outside of their comfort zones. Preserving that trust is a top priority for me regardless of the project, and making sure that lines of communication stay open in that process is one of the most essential parts of any project I’m involved with.

In addition to working with musicians, I have a deep passion for audio storytelling, and I've had the opportunity to bring my audio skillset to podcast projects as an engineer, narrative producer, and editor. Since 2016, I have collaborated with Digiday Media, Bryan Orr, The Medici Group, and most recently the audio drama The Adventures of Wonder!, featured as a “new and notable” fiction program in the iTunes store following the series premiere in 2019.

I received my BM and MM in Music Technology from NYU in 2015, with a thesis focused on the development of AnchorAlign, a Max for Live plugin using phase analysis to determine ideal microphone placement. In my spare time, I like playing with synthesizers, photography, and my cat, Wednesday.