The New York Times - Selections

I've had the incredible opportunity to help premiere in this brand new podcast series for Brian Orr's HVAC School network. On this project, I was lead editor and producer, in charge of all narrative decisions.

Here's a recent podcast episode I edited for Bryan Orr's Obsessed Garage podcast. On this project, I was the primary tape editor and ensured that the recorded conversation was narratively clear and understandable.

I mixed and mastered this live recording while working as a live engineer at Brooklyn's Shea Stadium. Upon first listen to this song, I fell in love with its frenetic energy, which I focused on in this mix while adding further instrumental clarity.

This project was completed in my studies at NYU, where our goal was to replace all sound effects, dialogue, and music in this famous scene from Twin Peaks. As the primary sound designer on this piece, I was in charge of the creation and editing of all sound effects and music beds in this scene. In addition, I also voiced the character of agent Dale Cooper.