As a musician operating in one of the most competitive musical cities in the world and as an advocate for Do-It-Yourself communities and artists, I am extremely sympathetic to the financial challenges involved with getting a project off the ground, whether it be a record, EP, or even a single. Most of my favorite clients I've worked with have had low or no budgets to speak of for their projects, and while I value the time and effort I put into the work that I do, I care more about bringing a project to life than I do about the money I make from it. My rates are competitive and negotiable, and if you get in touch with some information about your project and what your budget looks like, I'm positive that we can make something wonderful together.

As an engineer, my philosophy is focused on environment. My favorite recordings have a distinct sense of atmosphere to them -- a subtle indication of the physical space the performer is in. In recording and mixing, I aim to reflect that and bring a new sense of dimension and texture to the recording with smart, tasteful cues and placements. Working with music is my passion in life, and I hope that our shared passions can open a dialogue about how to create the best release possible. There is no challenge too great, and no detail too small, as far as I'm concerned.


A complete list of production credits in reverse-chronological order is available below: 
Various ArtistsFear Mint, Vol. 4 (Split EP, 2017, Near Mint)
Performer on all For Everest tracks, mixing on Track 02.

Various Artists, Exploding in Sound: Live at Shea Stadium (Compilation, 2017, Exploding in Sound Records)
Recording Engineer on select tracks.

Posture & The Grizzly, There's Something About Kairi (EP, 2017, Near Mint)
Producer, Mix Engineer

NYU Shanghai ChoraleWe Are Shanghai (Single, 2017)
Mastering Engineer

BembéCaramelo (Album, 2017)
Mastering Engineer

DaphodilDaphodil EP (EP, 2017)
Mastering Engineer

The Foxy Johnstons, Remedy/Cold Beer-Single (Single, 2017)
Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

For Everest, For Everest/Carb on Carb Split (EP, 2017, Square of Opposition Records)
Producer, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer on For Everest tracks.

How Get, This Isthmus (EP, 2016)
Mix Engineer

Que Fuerte, EP1 (EP, 2016)
Mastering Engineer

Stay at Home, Dad, Don't Forget You're Here Forever (Album, 2016)
Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

For EverestWe Are At Home In The Body (Album, 2016, Broken World Media)
Producer, Songwriter, Performer

Howard PeachHoward Peach (Album, 2015, el NEGOCITO Records)
Recording Engineer (Recorded 2013)

Echo Vessel, "LA SOUNDTRACK" (Album, 2015, Collected Recordings)
Mastering Engineer, Digital Release & Vinyl pre-master

ContourLoose Change (Single, 2015, Collected Recordings)
Mastering Engineer

Poison OakNimbus (Album, 2015)
Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

Echo VesselBedroom (Single, 2014, Collected Recordings)
Mastering Engineer

Posture & The GrizzlyChristians and Freemasons Will Kill Me (EP, 2014, Broken World Media)
Producer, Mix Engineer

InfinitefreefallThe Remixes, Volume 3 (Album, 2014, Collected Recordings)
Mastering Engineer, Mix advisor

For EverestNO JAZZ ROCK (EP, 2014, Broken World Media)
Producer, Performer, Songwriter, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer

Echo VesselNO DRONE (Single, 2014, Collected Recordings)
Mastering Engineer

For EverestFor Everest and Poison Oak Have a Bag of Apples (Split EP, 2014)
Producer, Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Mix Engineer on tracks 3 and 4 (“Blammo! Another Successful Interaction” and “Hunting Knife”)

Kelly MontoyaDon’t Be Sad (Album, 2013, Internet Girlfriend Records)
Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

GTB RecordsExcerpts, Vol. 2 (Compilation, 2013)
Mastering Engineer on all tracks; Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, and Guitar on track 11 (“Red Van” as For Everest)

Reaching MoonCreature Songs (EP, 2013, Jane Tapes)
Mastering Engineer

All ThereAll There (Album, 2013, GTB Records)
Mastering Engineer, CD/Digital release & Vinyl pre-master

YawnFrom Here (Single, 2013)
Recording Engineer

For EverestLast of the Dogstronauts (EP, 2013, GTB Records/Broken World Media)
Producer, Performer, Songwriter, Producer, Recording Engineer, Mix Engineer, Art Eirection

Various ArtistsThe Light: A Tribute to the Music of J.J. Hayes (Compilation, 2012)
Drums on track 19 (“Singer at the Crossroads” by Tamara Almai)

GTB RecordsExcerpts, Vol. 1 (Compilation, 2012)
Performer, Engineer, Producer, and Songwriter on track 7 (“Beyond the Brush (Demo)” as For Everest)

GTB RecordsForeword (Compilation, 2012)
Performer, Engineer, Producer, and Songwriter on Track 13 (“Come Share a Space” as For Everest)

Puddle Jumper, Ghost Trees (Single, 2012)
Recording Engineer & Piano on "The Show (Doesn't Always Have to Go On)"

Brave Loris, Chemistry Experiments (EP, 2011)
Mix Engineer