Gimlet Media - Portfolio selections

Here's a song that I produced, recorded, and mixed with Continental Shelf for their upcoming debut EP. All instruments were recorded at my shared studio space, "Ghostie," while vocals were recorded at my home studio. The track was mastered by Ian Pritchard. A roller coaster of a song itself, "Hydroplane" was an exercise in dynamics -- in addition to needing a punchy drum kit to push through the layers of guitars, I wanted to make sure that listeners would be able to feel the song's pivots and twists. Additionally, I worked closely with the band when it came to writing a bass arrangement that would fit harmonically with the song's slightly off-kilter progression.

Here’s an episode of Digiday Media’s Co-Produced, a branded miniseries sponsored by Hightail. Pitched as “Song Exploder for highly-collaborative ad campaigns,” this episode centered around a unique and ambitious campaign for Old Spice involving a 3-day Twitch livestream in which viewers took turns controlling a full-scale robotic squid through various challenges. I oversaw narrative development and handled all post-production on this episode, including tape editing, assembly and mixing, as well as drafting the initial script for our host and sourcing production tape for sound beds.

"Out of Phase" was a short original podcast segment that I produced last year as part of an application for a production role with Every Little Thing. As a solo endeavor, I handled all aspects of producing the 5-minute clip, including scripting, narration, music composition, and technical production. The topic of phase cancellation has always been an area of particular interest to me in my audio studies, and for a program like ELT, finding wonder in the most miniscule details, I could think of no better way to introduce myself than by presenting a little explainer on a subject I've spent so much time with.